Best Valets When You’re in a Tight Spot

Here’s what you don’t want to happen when you’re rolling up to the Four Seasons for brunch with someone you’re trying to impress: The valet graciously opens the passenger door to your classic Mercedes-Benz, which then refuses to close. The safety stop has failed and the door is locked, wide open, into place. No amount of more-than-gentle nudging moves it. You start sweating as the impatient guy in the Aston Martin behind you stares you down. Forget parking; how will you even get the car home? Suddenly, the valet tells you to go enjoy your brunch. When you return, the car gleams into the porte cochere as if nothing bad happened. You learn that a Four Seasons maintenance engineer used a Dremel to cleanly cut the offending mechanism loose and close the door. Now you just have to get it to your mechanic for replacement. “Be careful when swinging the door open, and have a great day!” That’s Vegas service, old-school.