Best Vegas-Related Reality TV Show Moment

The early ratings for The World According to Paris can charitably be described as “dismal,” but Paris Hilton did give us the top reality moment of the year.* She and then-boyfriend, former XS managing partner Cy Waits, released a little, er, tension at a club. Waits, fed up with Hilton waltzing in late and trying to kiss him, told the heiress, “I had a good life before you. … I want to be me, and I want to be by myself.” Then things got really juicy. “Get the fuck away from me. Get the fuck out of here before I ask security to throw you out,” he said. Hilton shoved him, slapped him, and then told her girlfriends, “He can suck a dick.” And that was the last we ever heard of Paris Hilton.** (* Non-Pawn division. ** Let us have our fantasies.)