Dolmas at Paymon’s Mediterranean Café

Soft, tangy grape leaves are stuffed with slightly spicy ground beef, fresh tomatoes, rice and Paymon’s special seasonings, then baked together in a zesty tomato sauce. Served hot, Paymon’s Dolmas are a classic Mediterranean appetizer craving that comes cheap. $8 for 5, 4147 Maryland Parkway, 731-6030; 8380 W. Sahara Ave., 804-0293.

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High Desert Ostrich Strip Steak at Boa

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High Desert Ostrich Strip Steak at Boa

As flightless birds go, ostrich is mighty tasty and very wine-friendly. The lean meat comes from a farm in Death Valley. It is CryoVac’d with fresh herbs and held at rare in an immersion circulator, then grilled to-order and served with roasted garlic. Though it’s technically a bird, it’s best enjoyed medium-rare like a steak. Try it with a side of Peas Three Ways: a mélange of sweet English peas, snap pea pods and pea tendrils sautéed with Beech mushrooms and preserved Meyer lemon zest. $37 ostrich, $10 peas, in the Forum Shops at Caesars, 733-7373.