Double Agent

Kalika Moquin is both Liquid’s asset as well as The Bank’s gold standard

A native of Missoula, Mont., brunette beauty Kalika Moquin relocated to the desert seven years ago to try her luck at go-go dancing. While auditioning at clubs throughout town she began promoting at Ice Nightclub, where she developed a passion for the behind-the-scenes intricacies of the party life. She traded in her go-go shoes for a clipboard and quickly climbed the ladder to VIP host. She now holds the esteemed title and responsibilities of marketing director for Liquid and Bare pool lounges in summer, The Bank in winter.

The Bank, Liquid and Bare are known for throwing the best local parties. Is that a major focus for you?

That’s my favorite thing to do, the local parties. During the summer months we really focus on those. We’ll do birthday parties and events with [’s] Jack Colton. When people come out here, they ask locals where are the best parties. I’ve always been the ambassador for everything we do that is about and for the locals.

How long does the process of planning and throwing an event actually take?

Ideally you want to book the event at least two weeks out so you have time. We book some things six months out, and we book some things two days out. Things come up last minute all the time; someone’s in town or someone will do a surprise concert.

Do you have a preference between booking an artist versus a celebrity host?

I’d rather have a performance or DJ because it’s all about giving the crowd something to take home with them. If someone’s hosting, it may make guests feel cool, but you know they’re gonna have more fun seeing a band or a DJ for hours.

Who would you happily see perform or host over and over again?

The Black Eyed Peas. They’re so humble, thankful and really easy. They’re not divas; they’re really cool, fun to work with, laidback, always on the microphone and always hype up the party.

Have you had any ridiculous diva-like experiences with your hosts?

It’s more of things that people will demand, like requesting to have humidifiers in their room. We’ve had celebrities who will fly in on jets, so we have to cater to that.

When you were younger, did you have a celebrity teen crush that you would now love to book?

It’s funny, I was obsessed with Jonathan Taylor Thomas, JTT, and I actually met him and went to a party with him. I was in Los Angeles and we were in a bar and met Zachary Ty Brian, and he was like, “Oh, my friend’s coming,” and it was JTT! I was like, “My dreams are coming true!” It was crazy because I was so in love with him. And Leonardo DiCaprio, I had such a big crush on. I’ve met him four or five times. I guess I met both my obsessions.

The perks of this city! So how do you decide who spins at the clubs and who spins at the pools?

It depends on what the club’s response is, as far as music. For example, The Bank is not a venue for house music, but great for open-format DJs. Haze was designed for house music—the lighting system, the size of the room. We can have David Guetta or Tiësto, and that works. At Bare Pool, house music doesn’t work; at Liquid, everyone comes for house.

Who’s the best house DJ you’ve had at the pools?

I think Boys Noize does a phenomenal job every time he plays here. But I personally am more of an open-format fan.

Which open-format DJ kills it for you guys?

DJ Karma. He’s at The Bank on Sunday nights, and he’s great. He’s the No. 1 DJ we have for the company. He does our industry night; he’s very talented.

Do you have a dream party to throw?

We always talk about how cool it would be to throw a party on the moon.

What would people wear?

I don’t know! But you’d have to get there by shuttle! To be honest, I just kind of live in the moment of what I do now. I just love Bare and Liquid and The Bank and what I do here.

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