Expert Opinion: Best food from back home

Vegas Seven’s food critic shares the best places to get a taste of America’s top foodie cities:

1. Boston—East Coast Eats. Two guys from the North Shore do the best Italian cold-cut sub in town, featuring capacola, mortadella and provolone, plus all the trimmings. 50 N. Valle Verde Drive, Henderson, 834-4444.

2. Charleston, S.C.—American Fish. Sven Mede does the best shrimp and grits in the West, laced with ham and as creamy as a milkshake. It’s even on the happy-hour menu. In Aria, 590-8544.

3. Chicago—Chicago Hot Dog. I love the poppy-seed bun with a Vienna Beef frank and sport peppers as much as anyone. But the Italian beef rocks here, and it’s even better with giardiniere. 1078 N. Rancho Drive, 647-3647.

4. Kansas City—Top Notch Barbeque. (See “Best Traveling Ribs”).

5. Los Angeles—China MaMa. This San Gabriel Valley import makes the best shao loong bao, (juicy pork dumplings) in town. 3420 S. Jones Blvd., 873-1977.

6. New York—Rao’s. Nothing says Noo Yawk like a plate of meatballs or lemon chicken at this transplanted Harlem roadhouse. And it’s a lot easier to book a table here. In Caesars Palace, 731-7110.

7. San Francisco—King’s Fish House. I’m a sucker for the delicate Pacific fish called sand dabs, and here, where they are crusted with Parmesan, is the best place to eat them. In the District, at Green Valley and Paseo Verde parkways, Henderson, 835-8900.

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