Expert Opinion: Best of Las Vegas Nightlife

Light Group’s “mood director,” blogger and a resident DJ easily has the best job in Las Vegas. By virtue of his trifold profession, Cleaveland has to keep a constant pulse on what’s hot, who’s got it and where it’s at. The nightlife luminary sheds some light on the best in his world:

1. Best “Un-Club”: The Library Room at Marquee. Everything is right about this space, tucked away upstairs at the behemoth newcomer Marquee Nightclub. Pool table? Check. Chill music? Check. The feel of an actual library in a stately manor somewhere? Check. Escape from the madness of parties such as LMFAO’s Party Rock Mondays in the main room, and have a cocktail in the Library. When you’re ready to get back in the mix, the balcony overlooks the main room’s dance floor, a vantage point not to be missed.

2. Best Way to Get Wet: The Champagne Fire Drill at Liquid Pool Lounge. OK, I’m tooting my own horn here a bit with this one, but I’m shameless. And what could be better on a 110-degree day than absolutely gorgeous girls spraying you down with cool champagne as you party in one of Liquid’s three pools?

3. Best Hand to Shake: Josh Donaldson. In an industry where it’s all about who you know, the vice president of marketing development for Light Group knows EVERYBODY, and he loves to party. Shake Josh’s hand and chances are you’ll end up with hand-to-hand sweat transfer from the likes of Tiësto, Steve Angello or some other famous DJ or celebrity you’ve never been able to get any closer than 100 feet to.

4. Best Departure from Nightlife: DJ Hollywood. When he’s not behind the turntables, you can find him slinging pizzas and gyros at his restaurant, simply named DJ Hollywood’s Pizza & Gyros. The food is amazing, and on any given day you’re likely to be rubbing elbows with some of the best DJs around as you fight for the last slice.

5. Best New Rule: No Bare Feet. A big tip of the cap to Steve Wynn for this one. There’s just something that really bothers me about sloppy drunk females stumbling through the casino floor, stilettos in hand, bare feet lazily dragging across absolutely disgusting walking surfaces as they leave the club.

6. The Real Best Bar DJ Lineup: Bond Bar at the Cosmopolitan. If you want to catch some extremely talented DJs while broadening your musical horizons, swing through Bond. No cover charge, no lines, no dress code and some amazing people-watching are bonuses to this little corner of the resort. The lineup is eclectic, eccentric and energetic. You’ll thank me later for all the good new music you’ll find.

7. Dumbest Nightlife Fashion Trend: Lens-less Glasses. Wearing sunglasses at night in the club was bad enough, but at least they served a dual purpose at the pool party the next day. I blame LMFAO for the lens-less trend. Don’t even get me started on grown men wearing purple zebra tights to the clubs …