He Lost Us at Hello

Why is an angry life coach from Utah our state’s loudest voice on gender equality?

Steve Horner, 63, who resides in St. George, has made it his mission to oppose ladies’ nights promotions nationwide. It violates the 14th Amendment he says, for one gender to receive better treatment than another in public places. He’s lobbied to eliminate female-only perks in Minnesota and Colorado, and recently honed in on a new Nevada law that makes it illegal to discriminate based on gender—except for business promotions like drink nights and gym memberships. The original bill prohibited gender discrimination entirely, but was amended with the “promotions” exception after lobbying by the Nevada Resort Association. The new law takes effect Oct. 1.

Here’s Horner on KNPR’s State of Nevada on July 20, initially making a good point about our state’s inherent sexism: “So [Nevada is] an egalitarian, all inclusive state, except when there’s money to be made.”

If only he’d stopped there. Instead, he went on to explain his stellar reasoning for wishing the law treated the sexes identically, rather than letting only women get free drinks at clubs:

“It causes a great deal of vindictiveness and arrogance by the women. The bartenders tell me they don’t tip, they do get drunk, and they do end up being irresponsible, and that’s why they are the largest growing [segment of] jail and prison inmates these days.”

Thanks, Steve, for your egalitarian concern. With friends like these, who needs the Nevada Resort Association?