‘Last Night in Vegas’

Down2Funk’s Vegas-centric club banger is poised to dominate dance floors

“Hangover Part 2/Grab yourself a chick or two/What happens here, stays here/It’s my last night in Vegas!”

If you stopped by Tao Beach on July 4, you probably couldn’t help but raise your drink during the debut of “Last Night in Vegas.” The new club banger that rocked the pool party is the work of local production duo Down2Funk (a.k.a. Mike Remedy and PJ Produkt), a Vegas-centric collaboration featuring catchy lyrics and gritty vocals that could rival DMX or Nas courtesy of NYC import, Bedstuy Gab.

“Bedstuy Gab, the rapper on the track, he randomly hit me up on Twitter and said, ‘I’ve got an idea for a project. Are you down?’” Remedy says. “So many people randomly hit me up about stuff and I was like, ‘Yeah, whatever, just e-mail me.’”

But after opening the track with vocals and a rudimentary beat, both Remedy and Produkt were blown away. “The way he flows, the way the lyrics are, it’s a perfect party track,” Remedy says. Adds Produkt, “We told him right away how excited we were to do this project and dove into it.”

About 30 recording sessions later, “Last Night in Vegas” has a sound perfect for dominating dance floors. “The track is definitely special because it has that after-hours punch to it, with that peak-hour vocal on top,” Produkt says. He and Produkt are hoping the buzz about the as-yet-unsigned offering will grow.

“When people think of Vegas, they just wanna go and party their brains out,” Remedy says. “And that’s kind of what the track is.” Listen for “Last Night in Vegas” in a club near you or at SoundCloud.com/down2funk.

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