Quitters, Cajun blues, chiptune DJs

I failed to mention in last week’s column that Vegas punk trio the Quitters threw a debut album-release party at Double Down. My bad, guys. I’ll make it up to you by alerting my many loyal readers (hey, Mom!) that the Quitters play Yayo Taco on July 29 and will have CDs for sale. I bought my copy of No Big Deal via TuneCore.com and am lovin’ it with the greasy pleasure of a drunk-at-midnight McDonald’s run. Yum!

Know what gets me hungry for music and food? The thought of the Contino Band playing live at Lucille’s Smokehouse Barbecue (The District at Green Valley Ranch) 7 p.m. July 29 and 30. The son of legendary accordionist Dick Contino, Pete Contino cooks up a spicy New Orleans musical gumbo that has it all—blues, Americana, Cajun, roots-rock. My favorite song by this ripping quintet right now is their driving rockabilly moonshine anthem “Rotgut Run,” which has more plot and characterization and atmosphere than your average crime movie. I plan on going home from this show all sticky-fingered and musically sated.

“Human Experience,” the open-mic poetry series that takes place at 7 p.m. every Monday at The Beat (520 E. Fremont St.) turns 3 years old this month. The event’s organizers, which include local slam bard Jeff Grindley, are celebrating with a special shindig at 8 p.m. on July 31 at Artifice (1025 S. First St.) that brings together poets, artists and DJs. Just added to the bill: chiptune DJ extraordinaire De Le Decay. If you don’t know chiptune music, allow me to explain. Basically, Decay, a child of the ’80s, dug up an old Gameboy and using its sound chip and software and sampling, began creating his own instrumental compositions that evoke the sonic aura of vintage computers and arcade-game consoles. He also remixes the themes of old games. De La Decay uses a slew of Gameboys to fashion beats and sculpt music, and is known to wear some pretty crazy masks while performing, so this event should be geeked-out fun. Admission is $10 for this 21-and-up anniversary party.

Sound engineer and Black Camaro frontman Brian Garth won the Crit imaginary band name contest. Crit is the debut rock ’n’ roll novel by local writer Andrew Kiraly. Garth submitted the name Molly Ringworm, which was announced at the July 8 launch party at Artifice and can be found on Page 29 of the book. In addition to a free copy of Crit, Garth gets to have dinner with the author. Runner-ups included Rashmaster by Dayvid Figler, The Nice White Babies by Ronald Corso, Neuroplasm by Karen Lee, and Eat My Head Off by Dave LeMaster. My too-brilliant submission, Scratcher Balzac, didn’t even place, however! Sigh.

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