Salmon with Pureed Peas at Wolfgang Puck Pizzeria & Cucina

A hearty filet of salmon is roasted and served atop a bed of mushrooms, onions and bacon. The kicker for this dish is the fresh spring pea purée that serves as the base of the plate. Make sure to soak it up with bites of salmon or vegetables. $27, in Crystals at City Center, 238-1000.

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By Xania V. Woodman

Hello, tall, dark and handsome. From one of the most respected Cognac houses comes a new, highly mixable cognac created with the club-goer in mind. Lighter in color and just a touch softer than its big brother, Hennessy V.S., Black’s aromas of fruit and white flowers give way to citrus, honey, grapes and a freshness not usually found in cognac. Try it at XS’ Sunday Nightswim in one of three sangrias presented tableside by the pitcher: Hennessy Black white peach, red berry ($200 each) and Millionaire’s sangria, topped with Moët Ice Imperial Champagne ($250).