Trouble on Paradise

Let’s say you’ve reserved, oh, a 50-seat limo to get you and your betrothed and 48 of your closest friends to the chapel and back. One of those champagne and caviar moments, right? But what better preparation for marriage than to learn right away that things often turn out a little differently than you imagined? And when passers-by on Paradise Road join in to get you to the altar, you’re bound to start your new life with gratitude and good humor.

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He’s a fast-talker and a quick wit. If he were a fighter, he’d be nimble on his feet, light, with a surprising jab. He’d have you dancing around the ring trying to keep up. As it is, though, he sits ringside with a black bag at his feet, hoping to see a good fight, hoping to see boxers mix it up, make some contact—but not get seriously hurt—because he’s a doctor. No doctor should hope for blood, right? Still, it’s the nature of the sport. Once in a while, a punch will bust open a fighter’s face and the blood starts running.