Very Adult Mac & Cheese at Fix

Crunchy, creamy, craveable! Cholesterol be damned, it’s tasty. And not actually that difficult to make at home. Light Group corporate executive chef Brian Massie shared his almost-secret recipe with Vegas Seven (“Cooking With Brian Massie,” April 21, 2011). Essentially, macaroni and four cheeses is frozen, cut into bars, breaded and fried. Oh, and drizzled with truffle oil. Paired with a crisp, citrusy sauvignon blanc, these naughty little noms are a meal unto themselves. And they are served with—gasp!—a side of cheesy dipping sauce! The audacity … $12, in Bellagio, 693-7223.

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Scott Conant

Scott Conant

By Marvin Lucas

It might seem like a stretch to call a bowl of pasta “elegant,” but Scarpetta’s tomato and basil spaghetti is an unquestionably sophisticated dish. “Something as simple as spaghetti with tomato-basil [sauce], if you can do that right, it really speaks volumes,” chef Scott Conant says. “Inherent simplicity—that’s what’s elegant about it.” And Scarpetta sells about 2,000 plates of Conant’s legendary tomato and basil spaghetti every month.