LA Comedy Club, out of Four Queens, vows comeback

Las Vegas comedy fans have found themselves short a venue recently. The lingering questions: What happened to LA Comedy Club, and is it coming back? I recently caught up with co-owner/promoter Joaquin Trujillo and wondered the same thing. (Full disclosure, I’ve worked for LA Comedy Club a
number of times and was one of the last feature acts at their Four Queens location in June.)

After a run on The Strip on the second floor of Trader Vic’s at the Miracle Mile (now Cabo Wabo), Trujillo and partner Matt Chavez moved their venture to the downtown hotel, where few thought they would succeed. Two years of solid shows later, it was time to move on, according to Trujillo.

“Our lease was up, and we were unable to win the bid for the 9 p.m. time slot, he said. An Evening At La Cage now runs there at that time. “We love working with Four Queens and being downtown, and left on good terms with the property.  We are still working with some of the entertainment there, and have been discussing one-off events for the upcoming year with them.”

Trujillo said they would like to start doing events outside of Nevada, in addition to searching for a new home for the club.

While there isn’t yet a target date to reopen, and Trujillo doesn’t want to yet speculate on a location I can tell you that he and Chavez are currently in negotiations with a number of potentials venues, both on and off the Strip.

In the meantime, he said comedy lovers should keep taking in sets.

“I believe that people should see comedy every day.  So I tell people to go to as many comedy shows as you can. It is good for the soul.”

Jason Harris is a local stand-up comedian.