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Adrianne Curry’s crowning moment as an objet d’geek desire was a victory lap at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con that saw her escorted from the premises for wearing a nerd-friendly Aeon Flux costume that showed so much booty that convention organizers were either scandalized or concerned that a display that hot would cause every Stormtrooper on site to melt their armor.

Why not? The model has never been shy about posting cheesecake photos of herself in fanboy-approved costumes, and now that she’s split from husband Christopher Knight, she can put those geek-luring skills to good use by, we don’t know, tracking down a horny Chewbacca or something.

Curry kept it more mainstream Aug. 6 when she was in town to celebrate her birthday and 2-month-old separation. She visited Encore Beach Club in the afternoon and headed to Blush that evening, wearing a bikini and black cocktail dress, respectively. Neither one of them even had elves or Borg on them or anything.

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