Michael Foley

Buyer for Zappos Merchandising Inc.; age 26.

Style icon: André Benjamin of Outkast.

What he’s wearing now: Vintage bicycle tie, Penguin button-up shirt, Hawkings McGill vest, Levi’s jeans.

Foley spends his days focused on footwear but never gets tired of talking about it, or clothes for that matter. “I love getting comments on my shoes,” he says. “When people tell me that I am the only one that can pull off what I am wearing—some may take offense to a comment like this, but I tend to like it because it means I am dressing my own way.” Forever a student of fashion, he also continues to expand his knowledge beyond Las Vegas. “Street Peeper is one of my favorite fashion blogs, and I will get different ideas from the way people dress all over the world.”

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