Tips on how to hire an interior designer

Good results come from good processes, especially in the interior design world, where industry leaders integrate myriad components to transform houses into homes. Yet many consumers are plagued with the same old questions. How do I work with a designer? Isn’t it expensive to work with a professional? How does the process work? Others are unsure if visions will align, while some feel they won’t find someone who is up to the task. Here are a few tips that will not only give you the answers but enlighten you on the incredible value of working with an interior designer:

Do a thorough search. In addition to artistic style, chemistry and communication are paramount to the success of a project. Don’t be afraid to speak to two or three designers before you pull the trigger. The American Society of Interior Designers offers a Designer Referral Service that can connect you with a licensed professional. Another great resource is the Design Salon at Las Vegas Design Center, which is staffed with certified designers who offer a complimentary one-hour consultation.

Set a budget. It’s important to understand how designers are compensated. More and more, designers prefer to be paid via consultation fees. Some designers prefer to be paid based on a markup of the items they purchase for you. Because designers purchase at advantageous prices, you often pay less than retail. Others operate on a combination of fees and a small markup. Regardless of how your designer sets his/her rate, it is critical to have a candid, transparent business conversation so that you understand how your designer works and he/she understands your goals and budget.

Prepare to share your vision. Your interior designer’s No. 1 goal is to make you happy. To do so, they must understand the way you think, which means they will ask a lot of questions. Make notes about your lifestyle. Bring pictures from magazines and screen shots from websites and design blogs.

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