The Voice

The Voice, Live on Tour at the MGM on July 30 was exactly that: The Voice, live and on tour—a rerun in the flesh, featuring the show’s eight top star. At one point, the MC—a somewhat less polished, Carson Daly-type—announced, “We’ve met our teams. Now, let’s bring out our finalists.” As if America didn’t know them already.

Nonetheless, the show was great. If the immense vocal talent wasn’t enough—Frampton gave me goose bumps and winner Javier Colon was mesmerizing—the onstage fun was contagious. Martinez and Beverly McClellan had a blast beating on overturned buckets while Kasey Weston sang “Big Black Horse and a Cherry Tree.” 16-year-old Xenia, who just months ago was the quiet girl in math class, was fascinating to see on the huge Vegas stage, for the sheer juxtaposition of it. And when she sang “Breakeven,” it was with more confidence than she’d ever exhibited on the show.

McClellan appeared to be the most natural onstage, soliciting appreciation for the band and bringing the crowd to its feet. “I’m still the cool kid,” she assured.

Most refreshing about this concert was the artists’ sincere gratitude. After a powerful performance of “Like a Prayer”—wherein the remaining seven sang choir—Frenchie Davis broke into giddy giggles for the crowd’s standing ovation. “Thank you,” she said, nearly a dozen times.

“You’ve changed the lives of me and all my family members,” said Colon, while expressing his appreciation. His first album is due out this fall. Then he dedicated “Fix It” to the audience, claiming, “Through your love and support, you fixed me.”

In this case, the voice of the fans seems as important to the artists as their voices are to us, and that just feels good.