Chocolate Decadence French Toast at Sugar Factory American Brasserie

If you like dessert for breakfast, Sugar Factory is the place to hit. The French toast is just as described—chocolatey and decadent. Thick brioche is stuffed with dark chocolate and covered in fresh strawberries. The entire plate is then drizzled with warm chocolate sauce, your choice of white, milk or dark chocolate.

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Seven reasons to raise up a glass

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Seven reasons to raise up a glass

By Xania V. Woodman

1. It’s official: It is now safe to drink in Utah. Memberships to private clubs? Gone. Bottle service? Happening! Liquor sales on Sundays? YES! “Following modifications to Utah’s alcohol regulations, distilleries and breweries can now legally sell their own bottled products for retail purchase on Sundays and holidays,” the missive from Park City’s High West Distillery reads. High West’s first Sunday sale went down on July 24. It’s said that Park City’s mayor purchased it as a gift for the visiting First Lady, Michelle Obama.