Comings and goings: Eve may get new life

The 3-month-old Viper Vixens at O’Sheas is already out of that showroom. You’ll now have to resort to bringing your own katana to the Spearmint Rhino and paying extra to have a stripper wave it at you.

Meanwhile, the recently closed Eve at Crystals may get new life. Landry’s, parent company of the Golden Nugget, recently stepped in to buy a percentage of beleaguered restaurant Beso. As part of that deal, Steven L. Scheinthal, executive vice president of Landry’s, said they will work to reopen the club.

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Frozen nipples all in a day’s work for Ron Artest


Frozen nipples all in a day’s work for Ron Artest

By Jason Scavone

“Eccentric” and “crazy” don’t really do Ron Artest justice. “Artestian” is the only adjective that fits anymore. At his best, the L.A. Laker comes off like the Wu-Tang Clan’s Ol’ Dirty Bastard—a willful buffoon whose country-dumb act is an attention-grabbing smokescreen for cleverness. At his worst, he seems like a multiple-concussion victim raised on a steady diet of lead paint chips.