A Fresh Idea

“This is the kind of place you can go daily,” says Zach Conine, LEV Restaurant Group’s vice president of research analytics and development. That might explain why LEV’s newest project is called the Daily Kitchen & Wellness Bar (Facebook.com/dailykitchen). The group that brought I ♥ Burgers to the Palazzo and more recently Lobster ME to the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood is already onto its next adventure.

Construction is under way at 3645 Town Center Drive in the former Summerlin home of Rachel’s Kitchen, which has since moved to nearby 3330 S. Hualapai Drive. When it opens in late September, the sit-down café will seat more than 30 inside, 30-45 outside on the enlarged, enclosed patio.

Cuisine will be California-inspired, “focusing on ingredients that are good for you, produced in a simple fashion, and delicious,” Conine says. LEV Group is working with food consultant Pamela Salzman (PamelaSalzman.com) to keep the menu healthful and light. The wellness bar comes into play on the liquid side as Daily Kitchen will offer freshly squeezed juices and smoothies as vehicles for delivering nutrients. As with all things LEV Group thus far, the tone is playful, the vibe upbeat and casual.

The idea is that this allows the neighborhood’s residents to use Daily Kitchen as an extension of their own kitchens for breakfast, lunch and dinner—daily. Gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options will live alongside healthier preparations of typically gluttonous dishes. In other words, everyone should leave satisfied; no one should leave feeling guilty. “It’s a type of cuisine that is prevalent in Southern California,” Conine says, “just a little different, a little better, a few more nutrients, a few more vitamins.”

Wrapping the pill thusly, so to speak, means you can eat the way you like. For midweek breakfast, try granola or an açaí bowl, and for dinner, grilled chicken paillard with brown rice and grilled vegetables. But at Sunday brunch, you can still splurge on whole-wheat vanilla French toast with blueberries. Healthful needn’t be painful.