Larger Than Life

DJ Derrick Anthony has big love for this town, the music and the ladies

No platform is necessary when 6-foot-7-inch, 300-pound DJ Derrick Anthony steps up to the tables. Formerly known as Big Dee, the radio personality-turned-club-DJ is most often spotted spinning at XS or Tryst these days, where he’s been a resident for three years after earning the gig in a hard-core DJ competition. You might also have followed his antics on one reality show or another, or on one of the three cable music channels that play his mixes. Fresh off his first world tour in Asia, Anthony plans to take his role and image through the roof, next with tours in Africa and a show of his own.

What was it like being the self-proclaimed “world’s largest DJ”?

In Asia it was literally every step people wanted to take a picture. There were tons of people trying to get on my shoulders. I was like, “No, you can’t get on here. It’s not a good look.” I would’ve looked like a freak. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don’t. For me it’s worse because there’s some days where people wanna talk to you and I’m still gonna be nice because I don’t want people to think I’m a dick.

Do you get that sort of attention from your looks and height here, too?

In a day, I get asked a minimum two times what football team I play on. So when I walk in the club, I’m big, I’m clean-cut and you’d think that I’d be walkin’ in with a jersey with my name on it. I’m not your average DJ.

Definitely not. You’re one of few DJs who have starred on reality TV shows remembered most for your appearance on VH1’s What Chilli Wants. Why didn’t TLC’s Chilli choose you and what’s this about a checklist?

Usher, her ex, made it hard for the next man to come along and make her happy. Anybody beneath one of her standards she’s gonna kick to the curb. Her checklist, I’m guessing, she just made and is what she just would not put up with anymore: You can’t drink, can’t smoke, can’t eat pork, you gotta have a six-pack, you gotta be spiritual, you gotta go to church and you gotta have a big wanky. She was really straight-up.

Wow! So what’s on your dating checklist?

No felonies. Las Vegas is a melting pot; you have to, like, grill people. The easiest thing to do is background checks. You can bring someone in your circle but people are gonna pick you up or bring you down, and I got a lot to lose. Women who smoke. I work at a club where people smoke—it’s nasty. You can take a shot, you can eat sushi … but no mushrooms; I’m allergic. How am I gonna kiss you if you eat mushrooms?

Vegas is a hard town to find true romance.

Dating is hard. I think the most successful thing I’ve had is dating somebody who doesn’t live in Vegas. It works perfect. I’m an entrepreneur, I work for myself, and not a lot of people understand the sacrifices that it takes to be a working DJ and working for yourself. Every dollar isn’t from punching a clock. It’s a sacrifice.

And the whole world will be able to witness your sacrifices and get a peek at your life soon right?

VH1 asked me if I would be interested in doing my own show so it’s in development. It’s all about me, not a dating show. I have crazy things going on in my life.

What will especially keep the viewers intrigued?

Lots of drama. Drama in the clubs, drama with the management and me. A lot of my celebrity friends want to be involved with it. I was talking to the one of the GMs at XS and I said, “Yo, I’m gonna be on the show talking shit about you,” and he’s all, “Oh really?” But it’s all made up. Because no matter what, at the end of the day, it’s not gonna damage anyone’s reputation. When you put something on national television, it can ruin friendship, it can ruin lives, so you really gotta be tasteful. Especially when you put someone’s business out there like that, you gotta make sure it’s all in good fun.

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