The Next Generation

Las Vegas has long been dubbed the “Entertainment Capital of the World,” but it’s also the party spot for the rest of the universe. Hundreds of Trekkies descended on the Rio from Aug. 11-14 for the world’s largest Star Trek convention (Nightlife on the Starship Enterprise), including this guy dressed as the android Data. Seems artificial technology now has the capability to reproduce itself.

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Bittersweet Symphony


Bittersweet Symphony

By Sean DeFrank

When Michael Beckner’s wife, Sue, succumbed to breast cancer in 2009 after a nine-year battle, he sought the perfect way to honor her memory. She had been a dancer in her youth, good enough to be accepted into the prestigious Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater in New York, and remained a supporter of the arts throughout her life. So Beckner created the Janet Sue Mason Foundation, which provides comfort to cancer patients and gives financial support to young artists. Yet he felt that wasn’t enough.