Ramen Noodle Soup at Monta

Quickly gaining ground as a cult favorite, Monta’s noodle soups have inspired rave reviews from all corners of the Valley. The menu is simple: Pick your broth, then fill your soup with toppings. A personal favorite is the soy sauce-based shoyu broth topped with the roasted pork. Additional toppings such as kimchi, seaweed and hard-boiled eggs are also available.

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How Bazaar!


How Bazaar!

Las Vegas continues to serve the city well with convincing depth and variety of international marketplaces—even outside of Chinatown with its markets of Pan-Asian leanings and Hispanic chains such as Mariana’s that have Goya products stacked to the ceilings. Although it’s comforting that the abundance of the aforementioned reflects some diverseness in our demographics, truly international cities go beyond such general breakdowns and contain some jewels—and yes, let us boldly proclaim that Las Vegas is an international city!