The Situation clan, minus its patriarch, invades Chateau

While we eagerly await the next generation of overexposed nightclub personalities—a Spencer and Heidi for the two-thousand-and-teens, if you will—we’ll have to make do with our current crop of “Really? Again? Weren’t they just here last week?” all-stars.

If you guessed “Kardashian,” you’d be wrong. For now. Give it a couple of days. This week, it was Jersey Shore’s turn to flood our nightclubs and pools.

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino spent his weekend bouncing back and forth between Gallery, Chateau and Sugar Factory. And he brought the rest of the Situations with him. Mama Situation and Brothers Situation and Sister Situation—just not father Frank “The Confrontation” Sorrentino, who released a series of online videos trashing Sitch, got sued by Sitch, and subsequently had to cease, desist and apologize to Sitch. For some reason, he didn’t make the trip.

August 12 saw Sorrentino dance with the Pussycat Dolls at Gallery, then on Aug. 13 surprise sister Melissa with a birthday party at Chateau complete with mother Linda, brothers Marc and Frank Jr. and Melissa’s boyfriend Michael Sussman. Sitch led the cake march to Melissa and spent time hanging out in the DJ booth with Nick Cannon. Surprisingly, the cake was neither ab-, sunglasses- nor chlamydia-shaped.

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