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Sometimes you need to rock the boat just to make sure you are still in the water! #V7 #writemoreoftenMon Aug 15 16:15:08 via Status Shuffle

Met my neighbor across the street the other day and thought he was a stalker, but he really DOES work at my hotel. #oopsTue Aug 02 20:52:23 via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Thousands of years from now, anthropologists will be perplexed by the in-tact bags of silicone laid carefully atop the bones of our women.Tue Aug 09 17:49:59 via web

Do you think Texas Instruments and T.I. have ever gotten into a rap battle?Tue Aug 09 18:14:10 via Twitter for Mac

It’s days like this I wonder…whatever happened to Color Me Badd?Thu Aug 11 19:19:54 via web

I can’t believe people still get excited over ringtones.Tue Aug 09 19:31:26 via Echofon

Is the Throne built for 2 people or does Kanye sit on Jay-Z’s lap?Tue Aug 09 22:10:57 via Twitter for iPhone

Noticed in the mirror that I’m rocking a muffin top today. Makes me want a muffin.Thu Aug 11 18:07:01 via web

Planking now being replaced by owling. At least those idiots will be easier to push over.Fri Aug 12 19:47:50 via UberSocial for BlackBerry

Flying to Vegas con today. Lots of mamories and gratitude attached to this trip. LLAPFri Aug 12 17:35:44 via web

Just watched a guy pawn ONE dvd at SuperPawn. For fifty cents. FIFTY CENTS. #timesaretough #V7Sun Aug 14 21:57:29 via txt

If you have any sort of scarface paraphernalia congratulations your a douche bag Aug 02 18:25:11 via Twitter for iPhone

Hanging with old friends tonight. I look forward to creeping out their kids.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

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