Valerie Volmar Vega

Performer in Le Rêve; age 22.

Style icon: Penelope Cruz.

What she’s wearing now: J Brand jeans, a shirt from a boutique in Brazil, Juicy Couture shoes and Aldo bracelet.

Being onstage nightly in Le Rêve has afforded Vega the luxury of wearing beautiful costumes, and she often ponders what they would look like outside the context of the show. “If I could wear one costume from the show out, it would be the red “dreamer” dress,” she says. “It is a beautiful, bright red, covered in crystals, paired with red shoes. [It’s] very fun and great for dancing.” In real life though, she prefers to wear casual yet stylish clothes on the weekends. “On a hot Vegas day, I love to wear a cute dress, and for going out I like jeans with heels and a top.”