Max Minute: Popped LV

A clever idea always has legs, so I’m giving Popped a fighting chance of success in this difficult market. The concept belongs to a server at Eiffel Tower, Jean-Francois Chavanel, of Nice, France.

The store specializes in flavored popcorns, popped on the premises, naturally. I tried several. One, Get Toasted, dusted with cinnamon and sugar, was especially delicious when frozen with liquid nitrogen from a tank at the front. Another, Dilly Pickle, struck just the right balance of sweet and savory. Chavanel told me that most of the popcorns have a touch of sugar in the flavoring mix. The cheese popcorns have less.

At the moment, the flavors are divided into three categories; savory,
caramel and chocolate. Any of them, theoretically, could be frozen, but Chavanel does not recommend it for any of the flavors with chocolate. “The texture gets weird,” he told me.

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