Andy Kindler pulling no punches at Playboy Comedy

Andy Kindler is not a fan of Jay Leno. Even Nick Swisher knows that.

It’s that kind of fearlessness in calling out some of the biggest names in comedy, though, that makes Kindler one of the comics most respected by other comics. Every year at Montreal’s Just for Laughs festival, Kindler is called on to deliver the State of the Industry — an annual skewering of the year in comedy.

No matter who in the industry might not be able to take a joke, Kindler always has David Letterman in his corner. He’s a frequent segment contributor on Late Night and has done stand-up on more than 20 times.

He brings his metatextual brand of incisive comedy to Playboy Comedy Club Thursday through Saturday. (10 p.m. Thursday and Friday, 8 and 10 p.m. Saturday, $39.99.) In the meantime, we talked with him about Dane Cook, the inevitability of Jay Leno and being mistaken for former WWF managers.

How did Montreal go this year?

It was really good. I’ve been going there so long I should probably retire or get a lifetime award or something. They gave the Comedian of the Year Award to Louis C.K. but I thought I should get every award that’s available. That’s what I would like.

It’s been the 16th year I gave the speech, the State of the Industry speech. It’s kind of an up-and-down speech, but it’s all new material I do about what’s wrong with the entertainment industry. I use jokes I came up with during the year, but then I use stuff I’ve never used before, so that’s always hit-and-miss. I’m getting used to the up-and-down nature of it. I got to introduce Marc Maron for his keynote address. Then on, there’s some audio excerpts of my speech.

I looked on your IMDB page and the first thing it says is basically, “Warning: This is not the guy who was in the WWF.” Do you often get mistaken for professional wrestlers?

Not professional wrestlers, but I get mistaken for this one guy. At one point his name got mixed up on IMDB as my actual name, but he’s not me, obviously. I don’t know anything about the WWF, but it just got cleared up about six months ago. He’s a guy who appeared with the Bushwackers and the Bobby Heenan show. If you really believe that all Jewish people look alike, then you might think he was me. But we’re just two Jewish guys with glasses. … The thing that cracks me up is that IMDB says at the top of the page that I’m not that guy, but they list his credits down lower. It’s a nice statement on how things are done over there. They may be slightly more honest than Wikipedia, but I’m not sure.

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