30 Minutes or Less

(R) ★★☆☆☆

Fast, cheap and out of control, director Rube Fleischer’s film doesn’t even crack the 84-minute mark. Roughly half of this film works a lot better than the other half. Nick (Jesse Eisenberg) is a pizza delivery guy who gets pulled into a tangled web of bank robbery and murder by Dwayne (Danny McBride). For most of the film, Nick runs around with explosives strapped to his chest, breaking the law with his buddy Chet (Aziz Ansari). The movie is sharp enough, but uneven. The laughs are there.

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Same Time Next Year?

Telling a love story that spans many decades is no small feat, especially on film, where it takes more than a few shakes of baby powder and artificial neck folds to convincingly age an actor. Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan pulled it off in When Harry Met Sally, aided by a variety of wigs and a bevy of Nora Ephron-provided bon mots. Forrest Gump tried, as did The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, but doctored archival film reels and CGI wizening take you only so far.