Cosmopolitan’s Chelsea Ballroom, Aug. 20

Tickets for the buxom Brit singer, which started at $100, had sold out within hours. And for good reason. During her Saturday night concert, the mature 23-year-old proved to be the best soul artist of this generation with her grasping voice, passionate tone and powerful lyrics. She engaged the audience with meanings and tales behind her songs, jokes about her pet dachshund getting fat and more than a dab of bitterness toward ex-boyfriends. Though emotional pop-ballads may be an acquired taste, anyone could enjoy this expressive cup of tea.

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Movie Review

Crazy, Stupid, Love

By Tribune Media Services

This ensemble rom-com falls short. An L.A. wife and mother played by Julianne Moore announces that she wants a divorce from her husband (Steve Carell). Carell’s character moves out, eventually coming under the tutelage of a ladykiller (Ryan Gosling). The Moore character gets little satisfaction from a short-lived fling; Carell’s character goes on a sexual tear but never loses sight of the love of his life. Ultimately, the script treats the adults like children while pulling the old shtick about putting the real wisdom in the mouths of its teenagers.