The Glory of Youth

Nothing says Vegas summer like a bikini girl dancing poolside, right? Everyone’s got a drink, the DJ is blasting some incredible beats, it would almost be weird if someone wasn’t working a pole—unless, maybe, the girl is about 4 years old and the pole is holding up the patio umbrella.

That was the scene recently at the Loews Lake Las Vegas pool. The place was pleasantly crowded with vacationers and staycationers, swimming, floating, sunning, sipping fruity drinks. One by one, guests started noticing this cute little blond girl shaking her booty by her lounge chair next to her hot mom. What started out as cute quickly turned to something that looked strangely professional—she grabbed the umbrella pole and began some moves that were not the Hokey Pokey. How … adorable? Finally, Hot Mom sat up, saw the looks of the stunned tanners and ended the show. But the enormous sociological questions kept right on dancing.