How to fix clothing crises

Whether your heel breaks or a long day of work leaves you overripe, we’ve all had a fashion snafu. These situations might not be able to be avoided, but they can at least be easily fixed if you are equipped with the right artillery.

Do you have a fashion emergency kit? Every stylist and celebrity has one, and you should, too. Here are some of the must-haves:

Double-sided tape is a quick fix for any hem or too much cleavage.

Little gold safety pins can serve the same purpose and also fix a broken jewelry clasp or a hole near a zipper.

Color in a scuff or a damaged heel on your shoe with sharpie pens.

Straight vodka sprayed on your jacket will get the odor out of the armpits.

Stain remover pens or baby wipes come to the rescue on stains. A velvet hanger or a Mr. Eraser sponge will remove deodorant marks from clothing.

Prevent snags by always having a nail file handy.

Clear nail polish or hairspray will stop a run in your hose/tights or stop a button from unraveling.

Manicure scissors will nip those loose threads.

Super glue not only mends a broken nail, but it’s great for sticking a jewel back on an embellished item or even completing a fast fix for a broken heel.

If you don’t have that mini bottle of Static Guard, moisturize to prevent static.

Moleskin prevents blisters from developing.

Tie your bra straps together with dental floss in a crisis.

Rub soap or a wax candle onto the problem area of a stuck zipper to set you free.

Have another genius solution to share? Write me so I can make sure it get in my kit and share with other readers.

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