Lena Prima

Winchester Cultural Center, Aug. 27

The singer/songwriter with an Old Vegas pedigree is about to move back to her native New Orleans. For her last local performance (for a while, at least), she paid tribute to her father, the late Las Vegas legend Louis Prima. She performed his hits: “Just a Gigolo,” “That Old Black Magic,” “Sing Sing Sing” and a rockin’ rendition of “Jump Jive an’ Wail.” And she told the story of how Louis sang “Pennies From Heaven” to her when she was a little girl; now she saves pennies as a reminder of him.

Lena performed her original song “Silly in the Middle,” which was nominated for the Best Jazz Song of 2010 at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards. Steve Johnson on the saxophone had some fantastic call-and-response solos, while her husband/bassist Tim Fahey played rhythm. Art Vargas, from Legends in Concert, joined Lena for a duet of “I Want You to Be My Baby.” They sped up the song’s tempo until they sang at magnificent and almost inhuman speeds. All in all, a fitting goodbye. Here’s hoping that she comes back soon.

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