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SUGAR RUSH: I like Def Leppard. I know that the pop-metal band, scheduled to play the MGM Grand on Sept. 4 ($46-$138), is about as hardcore as bubble bath, but few are immune to the charms of “Photograph,” “Hysteria,” “Rock of Ages,” “Pour Some Sugar on Me” and “Bringin’ on the Heartbreak”—and according to most published reviews of this tour you get every one of those hits, dutifully performed. After the band’s June 19 show in Alabama, blogger Metal Misfit suggested that Def Leppard may be playing too many hits: “It really is a grand concert experience to see Def Leppard perform live, they hit all their marks,” he wrote. “I just wish they would change up the set list a bit more.” In other words: If you’ve seen Def Leppard this decade, you probably don’t need to repeat. If not, go to the MGM and take your damn sugar.

DO ALL 16 DANCES: The B-52s hit the beach at Mandalay Bay on Sept. 4 ($55), and you ought to be there shaking your beehive when they do. Never mind that the band hasn’t released new material since 2008, because the old stuff holds up just fine. If you can’t remember what the old stuff sounds like, tune your satellite radio to any ’80s station and wait three minutes or less.

20,000 DECIBEL PYRAMID: Now’s the time to pounce on tickets for the 48 Hours Festival, a two-day hard rock festival consuming the arid wastes surrounding the Luxor on Oct. 15-16 ($129, $109 pre-sale). Avenged Sevenfold (pictured), Godsmack and Korn are headlining, and a number of supporting bands, including Five Finger Death Punch, Three Days Grace and Seether, will orbit those dark stars at a respectful distance. I’m happy to see Sevendust in the lineup; the Atlanta band has never failed to impress me as a headliner, and I don’t imagine that playing a supporting slot will make a difference to them.

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By Craig A. Nyman

Ohio-based dance-rockers Walk the Moon wowed the crowds at Lollapalooza this month with peppy, upbeat tunes, pounding percussion and a love of face paint. (Their cover of David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance” was icing on the sonic cake.) If you’re looking to dance, this “indie/visual/lyrical” quartet will have you doing just that when they perform in Vegas for the first time ever.