Walk The Moon

The Yard at the Boulevard Pool at the Cosmopolitan, Aug. 25

The Cosmopolitan’s newest incarnation of free lounge music, Indie Sessions at The Yard, included face-painted performers and frolicking fans. But the real standout was the quartet’s passion and nonstop energy.

Playing their first show in Las Vegas, the youthful Ohio natives rocked out with a tight, crisp sound and harmonious vocals—as if they’d been performing for years. They kicked off their 60-minute set with “The Liftaway” and “Lisa Baby” before giving way to some new tracks and mixing in a few covers (David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance” and the Talking Heads’ “Burning Down the House”). The new song, “Tightrope,” has hit-single potential with a peppy, upbeat sound filled with vibrant synth, guitar riffs, banging drums and a playful chorus. It may have been hot and dry outside, but the stars shined bright for the up-and-comers as they saved their best for last with the playful summer anthem “Anna Sun.”

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