Yellowtail Crunch at Union

Just four yellowtail crunch balls come to a serving, so you’ll have to choose your dining partners carefully. Light Group executive chef Brian Massie binds diced, fresh yellowtail tuna with Kewpie Japanese mayonnaise, masago (Icelandic “flying fish” roe), crispy fried tempura for texture and S&B La-Yu chili oil. The round fish balls are deposited atop a fried wonton disk to make it finger-lickin’-friendly, and garnished with just a little micro-basil. Pair them with something sparkling, or perhaps your favorite chardonnay. $19, in Aria, 693-8300.

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In the Shower Mac & Cheese at Fleur by Hubert Keller

Dishing With Grace

In the Shower Mac & Cheese at Fleur by Hubert Keller

Gourmet mac and cheese is all the rage. Just about every high-end restaurant on the Strip offers up a version of the childhood favorite. Hubert Keller’s “In the Shower” mac and cheese is a much-loved holdover from his upscale Fleur de Lys restaurant that formerly occupied the space of his new concept, Fleur. The elbow noodles are smothered in Gruyère cheese and finely diced vegetables and served in a cast-iron pot with a crunchy crust, topped with a chunk of lobster meat. $18 on lunch menu, in Mandalay Bay, 632-9400.