Up by the Bootstraps

UNLV’s Division of Educational Outreach, like all community education programs everywhere, is a quirky haven for the unconventional, the bluntly practical and the unabashedly random. But this year’s catalog outdoes itself in capturing the zeitgeist. Here is your rags-to-riches roadmap:

Oct. 12—Get Paid to Shop and Run Errands

Oct. 15—Sell Your Stuff on eBay

Oct. 22—Making a Living Without a Job

Oct. 22—Establish Yourself as an Expert

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Brain Food


Brain Food


Amid the ritual hullabaloo of the back-to-school process, there’s the privilege of eating. School means free or discounted food for more than 50 percent of Clark County School District students who would be hungry without assistance—a tragic commentary on the state of our economic recovery. With Las Vegas’ unemployment rate still hanging at a national high of 13.8 percent, the basic needs of an alarming share of children aren’t being met. At least 150,000 Clark County kids lack sufficient meals, 6,000 of whom are homeless or without a permanent address.