Dynamo Min at Maryland Parkway Music Festival

Huntridge Park, Sept. 2

It’s very rare that I come away from a concert and the main emotion I feel is befuddled. Excited, bored, happy, I’ll even throw sweaty in there as a feeling. But befuddled? This was the case after I checked out the newest three-day festival our city has to offer.

Although the fest featured about 40 acts, the one that I continue to try to decipher is Vince Leone, also known as Dynamo Min (“Min” is short for minister). He’s a middle-aged white guy from Arizona who sings gospel music that he and his wife write. The best or perhaps worst part about Min’s act is his backing music, which is simply piped in through his Blackberry. Literally, he attaches his phone to a sound system, scrolls through his music, picks which track he wants to sing, pushes a button and belts it out. Watching, I was both discomforted and fascinated at the same time. It felt like a movie spoof of a festival act, but Min certainly believes in his music. I’m a big lover of indie music, but my first experience with indie gospel made me wonder if Jesus is a fan of novelty acts. Jesus Music Novelty Fest: Now that would be a festival worth its sweat-factor.

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