Growler Etiquette

That refillable glass jug used to transport beer from a brewpub to your home is called a growler. “They are very common in the Northwest and areas that have a lot of microbreweries,” says Eric Rogers, division sales manager of Craft Brewers Alliance. “Some states allow them but others prohibit the usage of them.”

Since their use is legal and becoming trendy in our state, here’s what you need to know:

At a brewpub, you’re presented with a glass receptacle that holds about four pints. For about $15, your growler is filled from the tap, and then you take it home for your party, barbecue or poker game. Assuming you chose well, you are an instant hero.

For $8-$12, you can bring it back for a refill—no whoop.

Sealed, your beer can last up to five days, says Karl Herrera, general manager of Tenaya Creek Brewery, 3101 N. Tenaya Way. Like wine, it’s sensitive to light and heat, and once opened should be consumed within 24 hours.

While some pubs honor each other’s growlers, it’s considered something of a faux pas. Consider purchasing a generic growler, or expect to cultivate a collection.

A new growler also opens you up to a world of fun accessories., for example, offers a great growler for just $8, as well as insulated growler sleeves, totes and replacement caps.