Ice T makes tracks, scares crowds

With reality TV being the No. 1 source for creating today’s new celebrities, Ice T and Coco of TV’s Ice T Loves Coco jumped on the bandwagon, hosting Vanity Nightclub on Friday night. Ice T tried out his DJing skills later that night when he played Coco’s allegedly never-before-played single, making the crowd wild.

However, after listening to the track, “Shoe Freak,” we’re more inclined to believe it was the exit they were going wild for.

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SisQó takes it back to 2000


SisQó takes it back to 2000

By Charity Mainville

One person who came out of hibernation this weekend was SisQó. Ya know, the guy who had that one hit, “Thong Song.” The Celebrity Big Brother (U.K. edition) contestant appeared at the Flamingo’s Go Pool on Aug. 26 as a judge for its “Booty Shake” contest, challenging contestants to dance off to none other than … “Thong Song.”