Ice T makes tracks, scares crowds

With reality TV being the No. 1 source for creating today’s new celebrities, Ice T and Coco of TV’s Ice T Loves Coco jumped on the bandwagon, hosting Vanity Nightclub on Friday night. Ice T tried out his DJing skills later that night when he played Coco’s allegedly never-before-played single, making the crowd wild.

However, after listening to the track, “Shoe Freak,” we’re more inclined to believe it was the exit they were going wild for.

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Before 1993, Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland made ends meet by working at a grocery store. Jordan, a radio program director at UNLV and a Las Vegas DJ, shared with Kirkland his science of record spinning. After the boys moved to Los Angeles and with the construction of an in-home studio christened “The Bomb Shelter,” The Crystal Method was born. Their last album, Divided By Night (2009), earned a Grammy nomination, while the most notable and aptly named Vegas (1997) went platinum.