It’s a Girl Thing

How Lisa Pittman is changing Las Vegas’ LGBT scene forever

Before Las Vegas native Lisa Pittman earned her dual titles as “Best Gay DJ” and best promoter of lesbian parties (Vegas Seven’s Nightlife issue, Dec. 22, 2010), before she spun at nearly every major gay event or held residencies with Tao Group and at the Palms, the staunch advocate was volunteering at Pride Week and dipping her feet into Vegas’ LGBT scene. In the years since, Pittman has fully immersed herself in both the gay and mainstream nightlife scenes. And her cred is actually about to get bigger. In conjunction with Las Vegas Pride, Pittman, along with South Beach-based Pandora Events, has spent the past year preparing Vegas’ first all-girl takeover weekend, Shedonism. And Pittman knows what the ladies like.

Besides your own parties, you don’t hear much about the lesbian scene in Las Vegas.

The lesbian scene out here is miniscule. These girls can go anywhere and drink for free and hang out and have fun without spending money. But what mostly fragments the cohesiveness is that because they’re working in the industry, they’re not able to attend a lot of events going on at night.

It sounds like your upcoming weekend event, Shedonism, could shake that up. What’s the party all about?

It’s a four-day event centered around gay pride and women. Guys have much more of a presence; they’re pretty much 80 percent of Pride, and that 20 percent of girls kind of gets lost in the shuffle. We took over a host hotel, which has never been done in Vegas for Pride, for boys or girls. We took over Rumor Boutique Resort, sold it out and we’re working on our second hotel, Alexis Park. We’re offering a truly legit gay experience, allowing them to experience our city, in a gay way. We’re shuttling them to our parties and keeping our girls protected in a private environment so there’s no discrimination or anything like that. We’re allowing them to experience Vegas in a mini VIP way.

Where will the girls be frolicking VIP-style all weekend?

Thursday night [Sept. 15] is our kickoff party at Gallery Nightclub in the Pussycat Dolls showroom. Friday daytime is the first pool party at the host hotel, and then we’ll go to the Dyke March and parade. The Friday night party is downtown at Insert Coin(s), where everyone ends up after the parade. Then Saturday is the actual festival, and Saturday night we have a big party for the girls at BootyBar [next to Bootlegger’s], where I normally do my girl party. Sunday we have the biggest pool party of the event, called the Vice Pool Party. Sunday night we do our closing party at Diablo’s on the Strip.

For a first-time takeover, already selling out Rumor like that is exciting for the underrepresented lesbian community.

We’re thinking the event is going to be so much bigger than what we anticipated. We really marketed this event well; we took all summer long and marketed at every Pride, in every city. We’re using good nightclub spaces for our event and we’re incorporating the first-ever Dyke March into our event.

What exactly is the Dyke March?

The Dyke March isn’t something we created, it’s something that happens in cities like New York, L.A. and San Diego, but it’s never happened in Vegas. I put together a whole bunch of girls and said, “We’re going to show that there are lesbians in Las Vegas.” We’re going to lead the [Las Vegas Pride] parade. We’re lining up at 7 [p.m.] and leading the parade at 8.

Coupled with Vegas’ first-ever Dyke March, sounds like Shedonism will advance Las Vegas Pride beyond even its past years’ success.

Absolutely. They call certain cities a “Pride Destination”; you go because you know it’s gonna be awesome: San Francisco, L.A., New York. We’re putting Las Vegas on the map as a destination city. The whole plan is to grow on many levels and bring people from other cities to our state so it can grow.