Blush marks the end

Apparently four years was just enough time to hit the wall. Less than a week after Holly Madison hosted Blush Boutique Nightclub’s four-year anniversary party, the Wynn spot hosted its final evening Sept. 10.

We’ll always remember the club as the place where we got to live out a childhood dream and interview Married With Children’s Ted McGinley, who then wouldn’t stop talking no matter how much the line behind him was backing up on the red carpet.

A statement from Wynn Las Vegas said plans for the space will be announced in the coming weeks, and Las Vegas Nightlife Group will soldier on with Encore Beach Club, Surrender and Society Café.

“Blush was my first nightlife project with Mr. Wynn,” co-owner Sean Christie said in a statement, “and I look forward to growing our partnership in the future with exciting new opportunities.”

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Ice T makes tracks, scares crowds


Ice T makes tracks, scares crowds

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