Hammered Satin

Artifice, Sept. 9

Bowie-grade glam rock is overdue for resurgence, if crotch-blowing sets by L.A.’s Hammered Satin (pictured) and Prima Donna are any sign. Hammered Satin is a quintet of young dudes with the best bangs in the room, which, given their hot female groupies, says something. Riff-crazy, drum kit-smashing “Interstellar Lady” and the stomping groove and falsetto chorus of “Glitter Goddess” are as wild as anything the late, great Mick Ronson could’ve imagined. Up next, Prima Donna, with a more garage-rockin’ style, plus sax and keys. These guys have an album out with Acetate (2008’s After Hours), and the raucous tunes—“Feral Children,” “Soul Stripper”—delivered by frontman Kevin Preston had everyone eating from his hand. Long live lipstick-kissed rock ’n’ roll!

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