Moon ’n Doggie at RM Seafood

Lovers of encased meats will adore the Moon ’n Doggie, introduced to the world during Rick Moonen’s first turn on TV’s Top Chef Masters. The chef has since refined the seafood-based sausage from the corn dog of inception to a hot dog, now served in a buttery toasted bun. The white shrimp dog is bright with Asian flavors, including ginger, garlic and shallot, and a dash of sriracha hot sauce. A spicy red cabbage slaw and fresh chips on the side add great crunch and texture.

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The Banger Gang

2011 Beer Issue

The Banger Gang

By Xania Woodman

As suburban garages go, this one is spotless. Four top-loading freezers hum away, maintaining the ideal temperature for whatever magic is happening within, and three gleaming tanks are lined up on the concrete, awaiting next week’s work. The five members of Banger Brewing can be found here most Mondays, honing their technique and perfecting their recipes, but every fourth week is set aside to clean. As anyone who’s ever tried home-brewing knows, cleanliness is key.