Crazy for Missoni

The high-end brand’s collaboration with Target is a runaway success

After two highly successful liquid ventures (packaging for a limited-edition Coca-Cola Light and a San Pellegrino water), Missoni has produced 435 pieces for Target, generating a shopping epidemic among fashion fiends and eBayers alike. Angela Missoni, the Italian powerhouse’s chief designer, is taking it all in stride from the company’s headquarters in Sumirago, near Milan, where she took a few minutes to relish the successful launch in an exclusive interview with Vegas Seven.

How does it feel to have conquered the seemingly anemic U.S. consumer consciousness?

Missoni vs. Missoni

Missoni Home Humbert Throw, $430, Saks Fifth Avenue.
Missoni for Target Throw in Colore, $40, Target (eBay, $78-$102).

Missoni Double-Breasted Knit Cardigan, $2,180, Nordstrom.
Missoni for Target Knit Cardigan, $50, Target (eBay, $70-$160).

Missoni Home Kushiro Pillow, $325, Saks Fifth Avenue.
Missoni for Target Toss Pillow, $30, Target (eBay, $60).

I’m still dazed by the barrage of grandiose [metrics]. Yesterday [Sept. 14] we were No. 4 in Twitter trends, we sold 3,000 pieces of luggage and 500 bicycles on the first day. And I noticed that there were 27,000 pieces on eBay and only 6,000 left by end of day. I’d like to thank the expert team at Target and Alex Prager for her charismatic commercial.

Did you get to keep some of the goods “in the family”?

I had to place my own personal order, and my assistants were urging me to hurry as we were suddenly up against this unseemly wave of shoppers. I ordered bicycles, glasses and plastic glasses and trolleys. I hope it goes through.

Are you offended or exalted by the fact that a lot of shoppers chose to put their Missoni pieces on eBay rather than on their backs or patios?

I take it as a compliment! It adds value to the brand that people are willing to pay exceedingly off-market prices and consider them collector’s items. They will eventually land on another buyer’s back or patio. I’ll tell you a funny story: The prices of some of the dresses almost quadrupled on eBay, so my daughter Margherita [star of the commercial, the company’s accessories-swimwear designer and co-author of the Target operation] started telling her friends to buy them from M [Missoni’s second line] instead.

Are you planning more outings with Target in the future?

Not for now. This is supposed to be a one-time deal. There will be more shipments for the Target collection, and they might start pacing their outputs, considering the voracious debut. I’d also like to take the opportunity to urge our fans to contribute to a charitable operation that we will announce on our website,, in November.

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