Gene Simmons offers self-endulgent speech at plumbing and heating convention

Rupert Grint of the Harry Potter films celebrated his 23rd birthday Sept. 17 at Chateau, and he got to do it with a bunch of cocktail waitresses dressed in low-cut Gryffindor uniforms. We bet he thanks God every day he wasn’t in Star Wars and that all the girls around him weren’t in Stormtooper armor.

Who says a plumbing and heating supply convention is boring? Well, everyone, actually. But both boring and tacky? Everyone at the annual Welbend/IPD breakfast at Bellagio on Sept. 15 who saw Gene Simmons deliver the keynote address. Simmons showed a movie about his favorite subject—Gene Simmons—and told the group of carbon steel fitting and flange producers how he invented the devil horns sign for headbangers everywhere. Hey look, they found the only thing more tedious than flange production.

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