Hitchin’ a Ride

Last April, Laura Brunett and Joseph Crist decided to walk from Canton, Mich., to Las Vegas so they could get married Sept. 24 at Lake Mead.

Seemed like a good idea at the time.

Brunett and Crist will get to town on Sept. 21—but they’ll be onboard a Greyhound bus. The journey—most of it in the heat of a record-setting summer—took a steep physical toll on the couple. Crist was bothered by knee problems and Brunett suffered from the heat, as well as hip and knee ailments.

The young couple’s shoe-leather journey stalled in Albuquerque, N.M., in July. They stayed busy there working temporary jobs and doing volunteer work—Brunett at Wal-Mart and Ronald McDonald House; Crist as a security guard and for Habitat for Humanity. They felt drawn to Albuquerque before getting there, but something—maybe it was Wal-Mart—soured them on making the city their new home.

Brunett and Crist are disappointed that their plan for a 2,500-mile walk to the altar didn’t work out. But they have no regrets—there’s a certain romance in the valiant attempt. “It’s not as exciting as it started out to be,” Brunett says. “But it’s still been an eye-opening experience.”

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