Mariachi USA Fiesta

Nikki Beach Club, Sept. 17

In honor of Mexican Independence Day, the Tropicana hosted Mariachi USA, a 90-minute revue, which has been playing for more than 20 years in California. The show featured about 25 musicians playing a variety of instruments. But first, the ample crowd was treated to a moving video montage of Hispanic heritage and an Aztec ceremonial dance. The main performance kicked off with “Guadalajara,” a flawless harmony of male and female voices, crisp notes emanating from the instruments and plenty of visual delights. The revue included a variety of sounds—from Cumbia to a comical broken-English interpretation of “My Girl.” Ballet Folklorico delighted the crowd with elaborate dances and costume changes. It was a show that pleased all the senses.

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Ink Bomb

Ink Bomb

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If you are old enough to read this without sneaking it from your parents, then the world of tattooing has radically transformed within your lifetime. Tattoos used to carry a stigma, and highly visible tattoos—on the neck, face or hands—were called “life ruiners.” A quick visit to any Vegas swimming pool shows a seismic attitude shift. Reality TV shows, celebrities and athletes have helped speed tattooing’s mainstream acceptance. Case in point: The 2005 hit Las Vegas reality show Inked brought tattoo parlors to casinos and eased the city’s zoning laws in the process, allowing studios to emerge from industrial-district exile into more prominent spaces. Custom tattoo shops flourished. For the commitment-phobic, InfinitInk even offers easier-to-remove black pigment (good luck convincing your tattooist to use it). These changes have thrown a once-insular and rebellious industry into the exhilarating chaos of pop culture. Members of the Las Vegas tattoo community are riding the new wave with methods as unique and individual as their own tattoos. Here are their stories.



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