Maroon 5

The Pearl at the Palms, Sept. 17

Some people think that this mainstream pop-rock quintet can’t rock. Certainly, frontman Adam Levine’s gig on family-friendly The Voice doesn’t help his street cred. But seeing him live does. The quintet rocked the Pearl so hard the roof should have blown off. The band was in top form, maybe because MTV was taping the sold-out concert for a special that will be aired later this year.

Dressed in skinny black jeans, a white cut-off T-shirt and gray button-up, frontman Levine made the ladies swoon as he shook his hips like a modern-day Elvis to show opener “Moves Like Jagger” from the band’s recent album, Hands All Over. Levine switched between acoustic and electric guitars throughout the evening while singing older favorites such as “Sunday Morning” and their breakout hit, “This Love.”

Lead guitarist James Valentine made sure he got his time in the spotlight with riffs and solos that made the hair rise on the back of my neck.

For the encore, Levine had the whole crowd, including the guys, sing along to the hit “She Will Be Loved,” with half of the audience singing one set of lyrics and the other half singing another simultaneously. It was a show that left the crowd cheering and ears ringing long after Maroon 5 had left the stage.