Water-Wimp Associations

It’s not the recent rainy weather that has me depressed; it’s the deluge of idiocy in the wake of the storms. Here is the Mojave Desert’s most predictable weather pattern: It rains; I scramble to shut off my water-timer; I feel good about myself for saving money and water; I witness the sprinkler systems running full blast all along my community’s common areas; I want to cry.

If you watch TV, you’ve seen the funny Water District commercials aimed at sprinkler-happy homeowners. Well, there’s a bigger and (you’d think) easier target: homeowner and community associations. Sure, I can express my frustration at my next HOA meeting. But this is a broader problem: The district should pester each HOA, offering advice or issuing threats. All those association-controlled medians and grassy knolls and ornamental entryways are just as important to water conservation as our front yards.

As for the larger community associations, such as Seven Hills (where sprinkler runoff creates veritable rivers), I can’t believe this hasn’t happened already. After all, what’s a better lesson for homeowners than a real-life example set by the association?

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